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In order to fix taxes, they must first be simplified to where anyone can understand them, not just accountants and the IRS. The taxes we have now are too burdensome and complicated and the Founding Fathers would be appalled to see them. Taxes need to be lowered and that is what Peter intends to do, simple as that! In order to achieve that goal, the 16th amendment to the United States Constitution must be repealed. Peter believes it is immoral to tax one's income and that if people work hard for their money, they should keep it. With the 16th amendment, the federal government brings in enormous amounts of money and then waste it frivolously. That needs to stop, and Peter will introduce legislation to repeal the 16th amendment effective immediately. 


Education is the cornerstone of our Republic, and it must be implemented properly. Prior to the 20th century, education used to be at the local level. Schools were used to train young minds about Math, Science, History, Life Skills, and most importantly the Bible. However, the State and Federal Government has gotten involved and is trying to shape your child's mind as they see fit. Schools today are no longer teaching kids proper History, Science and Skills, rather it is peddling nonsense and brainwashing students to hate God, create false beliefs such as more than two genders, and teach hatred of family and the United States. This must end! Peter wants to return education to the people by allowing for school choice and competition amongst schools by allowing trade schools and religious schools to flourish. Peter will also fight to end the Department of Education as it is both unconstitutional and unnecessary. Federal funds should never be used for schools.

Environment and Energy

Energy costs on Long Island today are through the roof. Many cannot afford to heat their homes properly or simply keep up with the rising costs of electric. It's not right that Nassau County is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation and yet we have some of the highest energy costs. The reason for this is crony capitalism. New York and the Federal Government subsidize and give tax breaks to certain energy companies thus eliminating competition which results in higher prices for all. Competition amongst companies drives down the price of energy as the people have more options to choose from and the companies have to fight for your business as well. As a congressman, Peter will stop federal subsidies to energy companies.

As for the environment, Peter believes that allowing for Green Energy and Nuclear Energy to compete against Oil and Coal can benefit all. Forcing upon the people to have only one type of energy over the other does not benefit anyone. Finally, Peter will fight to prevent New York State from building giant Windmills on the Long Island Sound!

Law Enforcement

Peter is an Islander through and through! As a kid Peter used to love to travel into the city and spend the day visiting and enjoying all New York City has to offer. However, today New York City is not what it once was. It has become dangerous and dirty. Crime runs the city, everything is too expensive, and businesses are leaving by the day. Peter will make it his priority to keep the crime ridden areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx stay in those areas. Peter refuses to be soft on crime in NY-O3 and he will vigorously defend the Nassau County Police and NYPD. If Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams will let criminals free, future Congressman Peter Christofides will have criminals prosecuted properly!

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