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About Peter

Peter Christofides is a native Long Islander and proud patriot of the United States. He has a knowledgeable understanding of the Constitution of the United States which will serve him well as NY-03's next Congressman. 

As the son of an immigrant from Cyprus, Peter has a deep respect and admiration for the United States in a time where it is popular to discredit the United States and all she has done. On his paternal side, Peter's cousin is a restaurant owner in Merrick, and his father is a Chef in Coram. 

His maternal grandparents owned and operated a flower shop in Hicksville. His mother is a teacher, his aunt is a medical doctor, and his uncle fights fires in the Bronx. When it comes to hard work and dedication, Peter definitely understands it! 

Peter had the privilege of being sponsored by the American Legion Post 694 to represent Northport in the Boys' State program in 2015. The program gathers students from all over the state to learn about government not by lectures but by action through mock government. In this program, Peter gained incredible insight on government and was ultimately elected by his peers to a senate seat. The program also utilized Marines that trained Peter in honor, courage and respect for the United States!

In the summer of 2015, Peter had participated in a travel learning course with Hillsdale College in Michigan where he traveled around to historic American locations. Places included were Gettysburg, Mount Vernon, Monticello and Washington D.C., learning about the founding of this great union. Equipped with all of that knowledge obtained, Peter intends to bring it with him to Washington when debating and legislating. 

In the summer of 2019, Peter had the distinct honor of interning for former Congressman Lee Zeldin in his district office in Patchogue. While working for Lee, Peter discovered that the real work of a congressman occurs not in Washington, rather at home where the people are sovereign. While interning, Peter answered constituents' calls, completed casework, and represented the congressman in community events. Peter will make all of the people of NY-03 his top priority just like how Zeldin did with NY-01.

In between his work in politics and his education, Peter had multiple odd jobs to make ends meet like so many other New Yorkers. Peter started young working for his father's restaurant as a prep cook, ensuring that all of the line cooks had everything they needed to cook for the guests. He would then move on to the delivery business for his local florist in East Northport, bringing a smile to people's faces delivering flowers wherever he went. 

Covid-19 affected everyone in the country and Peter was no exception. 2020 was the year Peter would finish his undergraduate degree at Liberty University in Virginia. With the pandemic in full swing, Peter struggled to find work and to provide for himself. He would eventually travel down to South Carolina, where he has relatives, and he picked up a job at the local factory. The factory was a cotton mill that provided cotton cloth that would be made into masks and other medical materials for the pandemic. The job taught Peter hard work, grit, and most importantly, the need for American industry right here in the United States.

Peter is currently obtaining his master's degree in government at Liberty University in Virginia. During Peter's education he involved himself in student government where he would represent the senior class as the Class President. Peter is running for Congress for the purpose of protecting the liberties of Long Islanders in NY-03. For too long, politicians on both sides of the aisle have trampled upon the Constitution and many wish for its extinction. Peter will go to Washington defending the Constitution and proudly calling upon its profound text when legislating. Peter is ready to serve you NY-03!

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