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In order for me to officially become a candidate in accordance with the Federal Law, I must raise 5,000 dollars to file the paperwork. This is where I need you NY-03! Please consider donating to my campaign by clicking the button for my Give Send Go account! Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Together we can win in NY-03 and bring Liberty and the Constitution back to Washington D.C.!

For too long Candidates on both sides of the aisle make promises to people that they cannot keep themselves. They promise people handouts and money in exchange for your vote. That must change. We need people in Washington that serve the people in the proper way the Founding Fathers intended. My only promise to you NY-03 is that I intend to fight for individual liberty and the Constitution. 

I need your Help!

This isn't a 'me' movement,

This is a 'We' movement!

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